ArtNews Writeup!

I'm featured in this sweet little writeup on 3D printing in ArtNews!



Upcoming Summer Shows in L.A.


Desturated Rainbow @ Paul Kopeikin Gallery
July 20 - August 24 2013 

This is a really great group show that debuted at Field Projects in NYC and will be travelling to LA this summer! I'll have a new large-scale sculpture and some other new work.


Koi No Yokan @ 101/exhibit
June 22nd - August 3rd

I'm excited to be a part of this show that will be relaunching the 101/exhibit space in West Hollywood. It's an interesting group of artists and should be a great show. Group Show @ RH Gallery

November 14, 2012 - February 7, 2013

I'll have a new painting and one of my sculptures in this awesome group show inspired by the Mayan end of days! Come to the opening or the End of the World party in December and we'll celebrate like it's an arbitrarily chosen date on an old South American shaman's time sheet! Seriously though, the show is going to be really cool with a lot of amazing work.



Semi-Automatic Group Show @ Lesley Heller Workspace

I'm in a really cool group show, opening Wednesday, October 24th from 6-8 at Lesley Heller Workspace. The exhibition highlights the work of artists that employ automatic processes and systems in the creation of their work. Obviously, since my paintings are purely manual, I'll be featuring my sculptures which are created using parts made with a 3D printer. Other works include paintings made by remote controlled car and surfaces made by gunfire! Neato.


Beautiful/Decay: Book 9

I have a 2-page spread in the recently released Beautiful/Decay book! The theme is the Seven DeadlySins and I was tasked with providing a work for Envy. I did a Tomorrow Land styled watercolor of an Occupy Wallstreet camp. You can buy the book here:

Beautiful/Decay #9 Occupy




Summer is the Season for Group Shows!

I've got lots of great shows up in June through July so if you're around stop in and see some new sculptures as well as one of my large Tomorrow Land paintings.

June 28th -- July 27th
Earth WORKS @ PPOW Gallery, 535 West 22nd Street, 3rd Floor, in Chelsea

  I'm proud to say that I'll have my big painting of Greenpoint and a couple new sculptures in this most excellent group show curated by Anneliis Beadnell and Stuart Morrison.


June 28th -- July 15th
First Contact @ Field Projects, 526 W 26th Street, #807, in Chelsea

  Curated by Jacob Rhodes, "First Contact" is a show inspired by Science Fiction. A bunch of really cool artists in this show and it's going to be awesome.

June 26th -- September 6th
The Third Meaning II @ RH Gallery, 137 Duane Street, in Tribeca

The Third Meaning strikes back! This is a sequel show to RH Gallery's grand opening exhibition. It features other artists showing with the gallery and my painting of Cheshire, OH.


June 7th -- August 10th
Portrait of a Generation @ The Hole Gallery, 312 Bowery, in the Lower East Side

For Kathy Grayson's show I have this sculptural portrait of my lovely wife, Colette. Her silhouettes have been cut out of her childhood home.





Residency at the Museum of Art and Design With Fantastic Collaborators!

I am very excited to say that I've started an Open Studios residency at the Museum of Art and Design. Every Friday I will be working on 3D sculptures in the museum's Open Studios area where all visitors are welcome to stop by and visit. MakerBot Industries will even be providing one of their new Replicator printers while I'm there. Also, I've just partnered up with three other really awesome companies to bring a little bit of Sci-Fi awesomeness to the design process.

Sensable is a really cool company that makes professional-grade haptic devices for designers and various other industrees. Haptic technology is an emerging area of computer interaction that provides real tactile feedback to what your doing in a digital space. Using motors to simulate weight and friction, haptic devices provide an artist new ways of interacting with their work on the computer. Sensable was nice enough to loan me one of their Phantom Omni haptic devices for my stay at the museum. It's a really precise and cool experience. The device has a pen attached to a motorized arm and it simulates the feeling of traditional sculpting in clay in a very uncanny way. You feel the resistance as you carve into the surface. Very cool. The Phantom uses Sensable's Freeform 3D Modeling Software which is a very intuitive, yet full featured program. Combined with 3D printing, it really makes me feel like I'm living in the future that I always imagined. Now where's my flying car and jetpack?

Lots of really neat stuff happening at the museum so stop by, visit, and see 3D printing with Haptic modeling in action!

The New Replicator:

Sensable's Phantom Omni with Freeform Software:


More Amazing Friends at the Museum!

Sensable isn't the only awesome company I'm partnered with though! Cloud9 by Anarkik3D is really cool software that uses the Novint Falcon 3D haptic controller to to also allow you to "feel" what you're sculpting on the computer. By providing detailed force-feedback, you can touch your artwork in the digital space and manipulate it in a very intuitive way. This is also a very affordable way of getting into haptics since the Falcon retails for only $250. Consider it a bonus that the Falcon was originally designed for playing games-- feeling realistic kickback of a gun in your hand is pretty awesome!

Cloud9 with the Novint Falcon:


Tomorrow Land and Collapse Closes January 13th

Thank you everyone who came out to see Tomorrow Land, and Collapse at RH Gallery! The two shows were up for an amazingly long run and I am very lucky to be able to say the response was excellent with a lot of amazing press and exposure.

Join us for a closing party on Friday, January 13th for drinks and a film screening!

Also, please enjoy this selection of articles and blog entries collected throughout the course of the exhibition:

Download the Tomorrow Land press release here.

Download the Collapse press release here.

Sculptures in Conjunction with Artstar and Makerbot

I have recently become the proud operator of a Makerbot 3D printer and will be creating sculptures with it as a primary element in my work from now on. The first two sculptures were launched with ArtStar at the Affordable Art Fair. Makerbot Industries is amazing and a taste of the future so check them out as well. You can also see my sculptures on episode 5 of Makerbot TV hosted by the awesome Annelise Jeske.

Canson Wet Paint Grant

I'd like to thank the nice people at Canson and Beautiful Decay for making me the recipient of a Wet Paint Grant! I'm going to get a lot of amazing supplies that will soon be made into (hopefully) even more amazing work. Canson is working with the fantastic magazine, Beautiful Decay to feature the artists' work and you can see Amir Fallah's wonderfully written article here. Also, I want to point out that Amir is also an amazing artist and everyone should check out his work here!

Gaze: A New Series Made Specifically For Print

I'm launching a series of original prints with a new and awesome company called ArtStar. They specialize in limited edition artist prints and the prints are really gorgeous as well. Everything is printed with archival ink on beautiful cotton rag and framing options are available. Check out the site at:


Throat Art Podcast Interview

I was recently interviewed by ThroatArt for episode 11 of their podcast. It turned out great so hit up for your listening pleasure.


New Process Video for Tomorrow Land:Greenpoint

Please enjoy the first documentary video from my new body of work, Tomorrow Land. This video shows the process of painting "Greenpoint, NY", and gives a little background on what inspired me for this series. This video is playable in full HD so choose "HD" and follow the link to and view full screen for an optimal experience!



Interview in "The New Heroes", issue 2!

I was recently interviewed for a fantastic indy magazine called "The New Heroes". I've got 9 pages in issue #2 (p.28-36)! The circulation is small, but you can read it online! I'm extremely happy with how the piece turned out. Thomas Nicholas, the author of the article, is a great writer.

The magazine is gorgeous, offset printed, and comes with original artwork produced by some of the contributers. You can buy a copy here: